Review: Sunday Riley

I follow a lot of YouTuber’s so I have heard about Sunday Riley products around 1 million times. But have always thought the products are far too expensive for a uni student/unemployed potato, but since getting a job I decided to get myself over to Cult Beauty and treat myself.

Oh my, did I feel special when Luna and Good Genes arrived in the post, I don’t think I have ever owned such a luxurious skin product.

product 7

product 8

Now on to what the glorious Sunday Riley products did to my face…

I began by using each product on alternative days and although my complexion became very clear, most of my redness had gone down and my scars weren’t so prominent, it did dry out my skin a lot! My skin looked so fresh and all of a sudden my scars had almost disappeared.

 So I’ve decided that I’ll probably add them to my skin routine once or twice a week, switching between the two products.

I recently broke out of my chin, due to ..lady times… so last night I decided to put Good Genes over these new bright red spots and woke up this morning with a fresh looking little chin, although I still had the spots (Good Genes makes no claims to get rid of these blemishes), the surrounding skin no longer looked red and angry, yay!

Overall though these products are worth the money but they both seem to have the same outcome so I wouldn’t buy both products again. But it’s always nice to have a few luxurious products in your bathroom cabinet and they seem like they will last for a very long time which is always a bonus!


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