London Haul

Following on from my previous post ‘London 18.03.17’ I thought I would show you the items that I bought during that trip!
I’ve also added in links to the bottom of this post, of the following items, if I could find them online.

Pink Velvet Cropped Cami – H&M

This cute pink top will be perfect for a ‘jeans with a nice top’ kinda night out. It’s one of those clothing items that makes it look like you’ve made some sort of effort when you really haven’t at all, perfect!

jacket 1
Black Jacket – H&M
jacket 2
Denim Shirt Jacket with Hood – H&M

I always struggle with what jackets to wear in the summer, you know when it’s still a bit breezy but not cold enough for a proper jacket. I seem to always settle for a zip up hoodie but I feel like they can really dampen down a nice outfit, so I thought these two thin jackets would be ideal for the upcoming summer sunshine.

Denim Dress – H&M

How cute is this dress?! But it’s also not TOO cute, if that makes sense… It is really fitted so is super flattering but still has that cute dungaree/pinafore kind of vibe to it. I love it!

I can’t quite believe that’s all I bought in terms of clothing but hey ho, on to the other random items…

Berries & Cream Nail Varnish. Medium Brown Brow This Way Gel. Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner – Rimmel

Before our trip to London I saw that ‘ohabioh’ had uploaded an Instagram pic of her eye make up and her winged eyeliner looked insane, in the comments she mentioned which eyeliner she had used so obviously I had to go out and buy it and see if I can achieve the same perfect wing.
I also bought some medium brown brow gel from Rimmel as I always feel like my brows look a bit invisible, even after filling them in with a pencil. Turns out, this stuff is great! My eyebrows have been looking pretty fab ever since.
And of course I had to get my holy grail nail varnish, I adore this colour and find that it is perfect for any occasion.

Inflatable Doughnut – Primark

Now, do I have a holiday booked? No. Do I have a pool? No. Could I walk out of Primark without purchasing this? No.
How amazing is this?! And for only £5! I’m sure they have been selling for around £20 online so this was an absolute bargain. They also had an inflatable watermelon ring and an inflatable swan, so cool and so fun.
It’s the perfect excuse for me to book a holiday, right?

Sunglasses – ASOS

I didn’t technically buy these sunglasses in London but I did nearly buy an identical pair from Topshop for £16 but I didn’t do it as Beth gave me a ‘are you REALLY spending £16 on sunnies when you have 7 pairs at home?’ look.
When I got home I had a little browse on ASOS and found these beauties which look exactly the same as the Topshop ones for much cheaper so I just had to get them and aren’t they just beautiful.

Links to most of the items mentioned:

H&M Pink Velvet Cropped Cami

H&M Black Jacket

H&M Black Dungaree Dress

Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner

Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel

Rimmel Nail Varnish – Berries & Cream

Rose Gold ASOS Sunglasses


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