London 18.03.17

Last Saturday I went to London with one of my best friends, Beth. It was one of the best days I have had in a long time and I feel so at home in London, I wish I could spend every weekend there.

We drove to Westfield and did a bit of shopping until we got peckish, when we then headed on over to the KERB food market in Camden. It is the busiest place on earth but oh my, all of the food is just incredible and definitely worth being hit in the face multiple times by an array of strangers backpacks.

I went for the pulled pork burrito bowl which was seriously heavenly and Beth went for a mac n’ cheese topped with truffle…oooh fancy.
Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a photo and wolfed my food down in about 0.2 seconds. BUT I did go to this same market a couple of months ago so I thought I would share my food photos that I got from that instead.

Nachos from Club Mexicana
Halloumi fries
Halloumi Fries from Oli Baba’s

Oh my god, doesn’t it all look so good?! And everything I ate was gluten free, yipee!

After stuffing our faces we went on to do a bit of shopping on Oxford Street and bought even more products that I really didn’t need but we were both in need of some retail therapy so it’s justifiable…right?

Shopping is pretty much a sport so after our second spending session we were in need of some more food and made our way back to Westfield where we had a meal at Ping Pong which is a brilliant Chinese restaurant that have a lot of delicious gluten free options. I would highly recommend taking a trip to this place, the atmosphere is great and the food really is mouth watering.

Here is just a little sample of what I had:
(Ooof, that photo quality though)

ping pong
Prawn & chive dumplings, prawn & crab dumplings and edamame beans – Ping Pong

I am planning on doing post about what I bought in London so keep your eyes peeled for that!



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